The clothes that breathe with us day after day,
I would like to talk about the simplicity of Korean clothing.
  • Kim Nam Hee

    - Won the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism’s Hanbok Culture Achievement Award (2019)
    - Won the Hanbok Promotion Center’s Hanbok Impression of the Year Award (2019)
    - Wrote the textbook Hanbok Clothing Composition
    - Graduated from Hongik University’s Graduate School of Industrial Arts
    - Bachelor of Arts in Costume Design, Kookmin University.
I found it difficult to adapt my costume design major to real life until I came across the hanbok. I came to think about the simple beauty and value of our culture. Even though I had not studied long, my dream was to utilize my studies to create a way in which people could wear hanbok like everyday clothing. I created my small workshop Dolsilnai based on a warm will. Rather than fancy and luxurious Western high fashion, my small workshop was used to create simple items that were comforting like tiles or earthenware. When creating the everyday hanbok, I was inspired by the warm hearts of smiling farmers who continued the tradition of weaving hemp cloth. I wasn't sure if my dream would come true, but I never gave up. I am always grateful that I have been able to work hard at something that I love so much. My small workshop has turned into a company that is now comparable to other clothing brands.

I'm not the type of person that ascertains something through historical research. However, when viewed objectively, Korean clothing is full of unique emotions. I wanted to reinvent the culture of Korean clothing. Clothes can be expressed from our fingertips and talent, but I think it is the mindset behind them that moves people and society. I want to present you not with the distinctive Western culture or the dignity of the court but with the comfort and sophistication of simple clothing.